Copywriting & Scriptwriting [Portfolio]

SEO Ghostwriting: Blogs, Video Scripts, and Product and Category Descriptions How to Produce a $30K Commercial on a $3K Budget – Article How to Prevent Criticism for Your Content – Article Tekkell Wholesale Supplier of White Label & Accessories – Product categories and descriptions Specialist ID Online Wholesaler of Badge IDs and Accessories – Blog…

Thecla a Dark Romance [Novel]


After losing her parents and surviving The Reckoning, a catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed all of North America, against all odds, young Thecla survived on her own in the remains of the destruction, known as The Wastelands.

Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People [Self Help Book]


Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People is an informative how-to guide on identifying nine negative personalities commonly known as “Haters”. The book talks about finding your identity, building and sustaining self-confidence, promoting a positive self-esteem, and giving credit where it is due, all the while remaining diligent in self-improvement.

45 Magazine Women’s Literary Journal


A story for every woman everywhere. Women’s literary magazine publishing anonymous personal stories and creative literary and visual artwork by women and men from every walk of life.