Zorina Exie J. Frey works as a Content Writer in Miami, Florida and is the owner  of I.W.A. Publishing Services, consulting aspiring writers and experts to publish a book in their area of expertise. She graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, and Web Design certificate along with a certificate in Literary Publishing from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. She is also a Lester M. Wolfson Literary Award recipient.

Zorina has over a decade of publishing experience  publishing for Indiana University South Bend’s Michiana Monologues nonprofit organization serving annual titles of president, director, editor, and Public Relations Associate.  These publications were used for women’s studies courses. Her poetry has been published in Analecta and New Views on Gender literary magazines.

Zorina has also acted in commercials, co-hosted PBS WNIT Television’s campaign, stage plays, and hosted the Mid-Day Morning Drive for WSMK 99.1 FM Radio in Niles, Michigan.  Her small press, IWA Publishing Services was nominated as Young Adult Teen Readers’ Best Indie Publisher in 2013.

Zorina is also a member of the South Florida Writer’s Association.


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