[Professional Writing Portfolio] Published Copywriting Samples

SEO Writing: Blogs, Video Scripts, and Product and Category Descriptions How to Produce a $30K Commercial on a $3K Budget – Article How to Prevent Criticism for Your Content – Article Tekkell Wholesale Supplier of White Label & Accessories – Product categories and descriptions Specialist ID Online Wholesaler of Badge IDs and Accessories – Blog…

[Novel] Thecla


After losing her parents and surviving The Reckoning, a catastrophic earthquake that nearly destroyed all of North America, against all odds, young Thecla survived on her own in the remains of the destruction, known as The Wastelands.

[Self Help] Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People


Conquering Haters, Dealing with Negative People is an informative how-to guide on identifying nine negative personalities commonly known as “Haters”. The book talks about finding your identity, building and sustaining self-confidence, promoting a positive self-esteem, and giving credit where it is due, all the while remaining diligent in self-improvement.

45 Magazine Women’s Literary Journal


A story for every woman everywhere. Women’s literary magazine publishing anonymous personal stories and creative literary and visual artwork by women and men from every walk of life.